Intelligent Suite Security System - AP1000/AP1002

The AP1002 series panel has been specifically designed for condominium and senior residences. It allows remote/onsite monitoring within the building administrative area.

Standard Device Features

  • Aesthetically designed panel that blends with any background
  • Specially designed for condominium and senior residences
  • Big character 4x20 LCD for better user accessibility
  • 3 LEDs to display Panel status from far distance
  • 27 button, tactile operational back lit keypad with the Emergency key always illuminated
  • Single press Emergency, Panic, Medic, Message, Check-In, Audio & Valet request keys
  • 3 Arming modes (Instant, Stay & Away)
  • 10 fully configurable zones (Entry/Exit, Door/Window, Motion, Fire, Gas, Other-Always & Other-Armed)
  • All zones are monitored for Trouble & Fault Conditions
  • 10 Traceable User codes, User Codes are custom programmable for each suite
  • 1 Custom programmable Master code
  • 1 Custom programmable Duress code
  • 1 Factory assigned Service code
  • User selectable door chimes
  • Trouble/Fault Zones bypassable by Master User
  • Send Custom Text Messages
  • Hands free Audio communication to the Guard Desk
  • Supervised for Tamper conditions
  • Built in Energy efficient switching power module to conserve power
  • Control Door/Elevator access modes
  • Enable/Disable Party Mode
  • Enable/Disable Privacy Modes
  • Check-In feature for Senior Homes/Hospitals. Check-In intervals are user selectable
  • User selectable Audio Level
  • User selectable LCD contrast Level
  • Fully functional without the Controller/Computer
  • Master/Slave configuration

Key System Features

  • Linux Operating System
  • 3 Tier Architecture
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Remote Programmability
  • Remote Arming
  • Remote Power Monitoring
  • Versatile Reporting Features
  • Send Text Messages
  • Audio Broadcast
  • Easy programmability

Device Specifications

  • Input Power: 50mA ~ 75mA (18AWG)
  • Operating Temp: 0C ~ 50C
  • Status LEDs: Green, Red & Amber
  • Display: 4x20 LCD with back light
  • Dev-Com: 2 Wire PESI Net (24AWG)
  • Loop Types: NC, NO, NC-1R, NO-1R, NC-2R, NO-2R, NC-NO-1R
  • Loop Persistency: 300ms to 60s
  • Output: 2 Electronic relay output
  • Back-box: 2 or 3 gang
  • Color: ABS Plastic in Off white
  • Dimension: 17x12x3cm (Approx. WxHxD)

Device Options

  • Non Audio (AP1000)
  • Full Duplex Audio (AP1002)
  • 4 or 10 Zone Configuration
  • 24x4 Blue LCD
  • Color selection (1K min order)