Penguin Engineering Systems Inc.

Our Company
Penguin Engineering Systems Inc. (a.k.a PESIplex), is a manufacturer of electronics for professional security and home automation solutions. We specialize in condominium, residential, and commercial security systems. With over 50 years of combined professional experience, our Engineers and highly skilled technicians have vast hands on experience in the fields of electrical installation, electronics, computers, and leading edge software technologies.

PESIplex is well known for product quality and excellent customer service. We have also invested a lot of interest and technology into environmental considerations. Our entire product line is designed to conserve energy and preserve the environment. All our products are designed and built for durability and abide by industry safety standards.

Simplicity of design is a primary goal of our Engineers during the development cycle. Removing system complexity without compromising on standard and advanced features have proven to be very efficient and cost effective to our clients.

In our ongoing efforts PESIplex continues to invest in research and development to provide quality innovative products addressing growing customer demands.

Our Mission
To provide cost-effective and innovative integrated security and automation solutions to the condominium communities, residential and commercial properties with extreme product quality and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Customers
PESIplex markets its products worldwide through a network of dealers and systems integrators. Our authorized dealers go through a comprehensive training process to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.